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Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star
Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Hanging Drip Glaze Candles,Hanging Candle,Country Decor,Grubby Candles,Primitive Hanging Candles,Country Primitive Candles
Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star

Here we have some hanging bumpy candles that measure about 5.50" long. They will arrive with a homespun fabric tie and a star on the front.
 Choice of Black, Burgundy, or Mustard


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Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Honey and Me, Honey and me Rabbit, Honey and Me bunny, Stuffed rabbit, Stuffed Bunny, Spring Décor, Spring Decorations, Easter Décor, Easter Decorations, Country Easter Home Décor, Primitive Easter Decorations
Honey and Me Stuffed Roly Poly Rabbit 16"

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Embroidered Eggs, Egg Bowl Fillers, Country Primitive Eggs, Easter Egg Decorations, Spring Décor, Spring Decorations, Primitive Spring Home Décor, Country Spring Home Décor, Primitives by Kathy
Country Primitive Embroidered Eggs

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Primitive Bunny, Primitive Rabbit, Primitive By Kathy, Handmade Rabbit Doll, Bunny Rabbit Doll, Handmade Rabbit, Spring Home Décor, Primitive Spring Home Décor, Primitive Spring Decorations, Primitive By Kathy Doll
Primitive Garden Bunny Rabbit or Mama Buny Doll

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Park Designs, Burlap Valance, Burlap Curtains, Burlap Check Valance, Burlap Checked Valance, Country Curtains
Burlap & Check Valance Black or Burgundy
Out of Stock

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Laundry Room Décor, Primitive Doll, Laundry Room Decorations, Laundry Room Decoration, Sunshine Laundry Doll, Laundry Room Accents, Country Laundry Rooms, Primitive Laundry Rooms
Sunshine Laundry Room Doll

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Spring Wreath, Pastel Spring Wreath, Wreath Egg Nest, Pastel Pip Berry Wreath, Pastel Pip Berries, Spring Décor, Spring Decorations
Spring Pastel Berry Wreath with Egg Nest

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Hot Pad, Trivet, Pot Holder, Homespun Candle Mat, Insulated hot pad, Homespun Hot Pad, Patchwork Candle Mat, Patchwork hot pad
Patchwork Homespun Hot Pad or Candle Mat

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Scented Wax Tarts, Scented Wax Melts, Scented Wax Lambs, Sheep Home Décor, Sheep melts, Sheep Tarts, Scented Sheep Tarts, Bees Wax Melts, Scented Bees Wax
Little Scented Wax Lambs Tarts Melts Carmel Apple

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Billy Jacobs Calendar, Billy Jacobs Art, Billy Jacobs Pictures, 2015 Calendar, 2015 Calander, Billy Jacobs Prints
Billy Jacobs Folk Art 2015 Calendar
$16.99 $12.95

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Placemat, Placemats, Burlap Placemat, Farm Life, Farm Fresh, Animal Placemats, Table Linens
Farm Life Placemats - Animal Stack - Burlap

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Taper Candle holder, Star Candle Holder, Star Taper Candle Holder, Tin Star, Country Star, Country Primitive Home Decor
4" Black Tin Star Taper Candle Holder

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Paul Revere Tea Light, Butner Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holders, Tin Punched, CTW, Colonial Tin Works, Tealight, Butner Lantern, Battery Operated Tea Light
Tea Light Holder - Paul Revere - Butner Lantern

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Wooden Primitive Crow,Primitives,Country Decor,Country Primitive Decor,Crows,Primitive Home Decor,Crow Decoration
Wooden Primitive Crow Sitter Bottle Cap Eyes

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Bathroom Decor,Bathroom Decorations,Country Bathroom Decor,Country Bathroom Decorations,Primitive Bathroom Decor,Hot Bath Shelf,Wood Shelf,Wooden Shelf,Primitive Shelf,Country Shelf,Towel Bar,Towel Holder
Hot Bath Wood Shelf and Towel Bar

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Crow Lamp,Metal Crow Lamp,Crow Lamp Shade,Park Designs,Sturbridge,Crow Collection,Crow Designs,Country Lighting,Country Lamp,Primitive Lighting,Primitive Lamp,Primitive Crow Lamp,Country Primitive Lighting,Country Primitive Home Decor,Primitive Home Decor
Country Primitive Crow Iron Lamp with 12" Shade

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Scented Beeswax Carrots Fixins, Beeswax Carrot Cake Scented Fixins, Scented Fixins, Scented Fixings, Carrot Cake Scented Fixings, Beeswax Carrots, Scented Beeswax Carrots, Primitive Spring Decorations, Spring Home Decor
Scented Beeswax Carrots with Carrot Cake Scented Fixins

Hanging Bumpy Candles with Star-Scented Room Spray,Home Mist,Room Spray,Cinnamon Spice,Country Scents,Country Primitives,Country Home Decor,Homestead Room Spray,Primitive Gathering Room Spray,Pumpkin Pie Spray
Scented Home Mist / Room Spray/ Potpourri Refresher

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