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Americana Decor

Get your Americana Home Decor here with our Americana Signs, Patriotic Sayings, Americana Wreaths & Barn Stars, and your Red White & Blue Country Home Decor.

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Snowman Decoration  Let It Snow Figurine-Snowman, Snowmen, Snowman Figurine, Snowman Decoration, Snowmen Decorations, Winter Home Décor, Snowman Collector, Snowman Home Décor, Christmas Decorations
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Snowman Decoration Let It Snow Figurine


What a darling snowman!

This snowman is holding tags that read "Let It Snow" and is wearing a top hat and red scarf. He measures 503/4" tall by 3" wide at base and is made of a resin.

4 in stock

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Electric Star Tree Topper Burgundy-Tree Topper, Christmas Tree Topper, Americana Tree Topper, Star Tree Topper, Electric Tree Topper, Star Electric Tree Topper
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Electric Star Tree Topper Burgundy

From Park Designs Glad Tidings collection.

An electric burgundy star tree topper with silicon light bulb. Perfect for any Christmas Tree or Americana Tree. It measures 12" tall by 9" across.

2 in stock

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Let Freedom Ring Shelf Sign-Americana Sign, Patriotic Sign, Let Freedom Ring Sign, Shelf Sign, Saying Signs, Americana Signs, Americana Home Décor, Americana Decorations, Patriotic Decorations, Patriotic Home Decor
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Let Freedom Ring Shelf Sign

New Americana Patriotic Sign!

** Let Freedom Ring ** in cream with black carved out lettering. This shelf sign measures 12" across by 1.50"

7 in stock

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Americana Flag Barn Billy Jacobs Picture Wall Decor-Billy Jacobs Print, Billy Jacobs Picture, Americana Barn Print, Folk Art Home Décor, Americana Home Décor, Americana Decorations, Patriotic Home Décor, Billy Jacobs Framed Prints, Americana Wall Decor
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Americana Flag Barn Billy Jacobs Picture Wall Decor

Billy Jacobs painted this great barn with a weathered American Flag and a barn star on its side. This 8" x 10" folk art print is framed with a distressed black frame. The finished size is 8-1/2" x 12-1/2".

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
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Red White Blue Stars Berries Americana Twig Wreath-Americana decorations, Folk Art Home Décor, Americana Décor, Patriotic Décor, Star Wreath, Americana Berry Wreath, Americana Star wreath, Patriotic Wreath
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Red White Blue Stars Berries Americana Twig Wreath


We have taken one of our 18" twig wreaths and added red, white, and blue stars and matching pip berries. A great wreath for any folk art room or for the patriotic seasons. Also available in a 24" for 6.00 more.

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Vintage Americana Themed Clothespins Bowl Filler-Decorated Clothespins,  Americana Decorations, Patriotic Bowl Fillers, Clothespins bowl Filler, Laundry Room Decorations, Primitive Home Décor, Laundry Décor, Kitchen Décor, Country Home Décor, Country Decorations, Vintage Clothespins, Embellished Clothespins, Make-Dos, Country Primitive Home Décor, Americana Décor
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Vintage Americana Themed Clothespins Bowl Filler

We have taken some vintage clothespins; aged them, wrapped them in different Americana fabrics, added accents like rusty pins, stars, buttons and so on. Your bowl filler will include 6 clothes pins, 1 cup of cinnamon sticks and rose hips, stars, buttons, and one grubby tag stamped with stars.  These are great for a bowl or I like to fill my old mason jars with them. 

2 in stock

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Americana Grubby Flags Ornies - Bowl Filler & Fixins-Americana Décor, Americana Decorations, Patriotic Home Décor, Flag Bowl Fillers, Flag Ornies, Bowl Fillers, Scented Fixins, Grubby Flags, Primitive Americana Decorations, Primitive Home Décor, Folk Art Decorations
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Americana Grubby Flags Ornies - Bowl Filler & Fixins

We have taken some flag fabric and backed it with tiny star fabric and sewed them together to create these great new Americana themed Ornies. We then grubbed them up and added them to 1 cup of cinnamon sticks, rose hips, some stars, and one grubby tearstained tag that we stamped 3 stars on. 

1 in stock

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Uncle Sam Hat Ornie Sitter-Uncle Sam Hat, Americana Décor, American Decorations, Americana Ornie, Patriotic Ornies, Primitive Ornies, Uncle Sam Ornie,
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Uncle Sam Hat Ornie Sitter

The Stuffed Rustic Uncle Sam Hat is a great primitive accent for your shelf groups or Americana tablescapes!

Antiqued and stuffed fabric hat with handpainted red, white and blue finish, accented with a tea-dyed cheesecloth ribbon, a sprig of dried Sweet Annie, and a rusty jingle bell. A dusting of cinnamon gives it a sweet fragrance and primitive texture. 5" H and 4" in diameter. Handmade by Deana, from Ohio!

10 in stock

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Americana Themed Sewing Spool  Light-Americana Themed Decorations, Spool Light, Spool Lamp, Vintage Sewing Spool, Patriotic Decorations, Folk Art Decorations
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Americana Themed Sewing Spool Light

New - Vintage 10" spool decorated with a Burgundy, White,  Navy blue pip berry candle ring, burgundy or Navy Blue homespun and the Declaration of Independence. It comes with a silicone light bulb and the cord has an on and off switch.

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Americana UNCLE SAM Silicone Light Bulb-Uncle Sam,Silicone Light Bulb,Uncle Sam Light Bulb,Americana Decor,Patriotic Décor, Silcon Bulbs
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Americana UNCLE SAM Silicone Light Bulb

NEW ~ Back In Stock

A light bulb made of silicone and looks like Uncle Sam with a hat made of felt and is  4 Watt.


4 in stock

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Old Americana Vintage Bobbin Set-Bobbin Set, Americana Set, Americana Bobbin Set, Homespun Wrapped Bobbin, Homespun Bobbin Set, Americana Tag, Patriotic Set, Patriotic Set, Primitive Americana Decorations, Country Americana Decorations
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Old Americana Vintage Bobbin Set


Set of 3 - 10" vintage bobbins wrapped in homespun fabrics accented with a tag that reads Old Americana.

6 in stock

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6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Americana Plate, Flag Plate, Patriotic plate, Americana Décor, Americana Decorations, Patriotic Decorations
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6.25" Americana Flag Plate

This Americana Flag plate measures 6.25" across.

Great size for a shelf.

3 in stock

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6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Snowman, Snowmen, Snowman Figurine, Snowman Decoration, Snowmen Decorations, Winter Home Décor, Snowman Collector, Snowman Home Décor, Christmas Decorations
Snowman Decoration Let It Snow Figurine

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Gift Tags, Hang Tags, Country Tags, Christmas Gift Tags, Country Hang Tags, Family Tag
Decorative Gift Hang Tags Ornament Set

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Snowman, Snowman Ornament, Frosty Snowman, Snowflake Snowman, Winter Home Décor, Snowman Collector, Snowman Collections, Country Christmas Home Décor, Country Christmas Décor, Ornaments, Tree Ornaments, Stuffed Snowman, Snowman Doll
Hanging Snowflake The Snowman

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Country Christmas Sign, Warm Winter Wishes Sign, Happy Holidays Sign, Country Signs, Christmas Signs, Signs Sayings, Holiday Signs, Shelf Signs, Winter Signs
Winter, Holiday & Christmas Signs with Sayings

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Ornament, Stacking Boxes, Stacking Boxes Ornament, Ornaments, Teacher Gift, Christmas Memories, Snowman Ornament
Ornament - Stacking Boxes - Christmas Memories

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Primitive Snowman, Snowman Snowball Salesman, Snowmen, Snowman, Snowman Doll, Snowmen Doll, Weighted Snowman
Tall Snowman Snowball Salesman Doll

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Snowman Friend Sign, Snowman sign, Winter Sign, Signs with Sayings, Friends stick together, Winter Signs, Snowman Signs, Snowmen Signs
Snowman Snow Friends Stick Together Shelf Sign

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Tea Light Holder, Tealight Holder, Reindeer tea light holder, Christmas Tea Light Holder
Reindeer Metal Tea Light Holder

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Gingerbread Boy Decoration, Gingerbread Man decoration, Christmas Décor, Christmas Decorations, Holiday Decorations, Holiday Home Décor, Christmas Kitchen Décor, Christmas Kitchen Decorations
Gingerbread Boy In Tin Can Arrangement

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Snowman Plate, Snowmen Plate, Hearthside Collection, Hearthside Plate, Snowman, Snowmen, Country Primitive Décor, Primitive Snowman, Primitive Christmas
Tumbling Snowman Plate - Hearthside

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Wreath, Christmas Wreath, Winter Wreath, Twig Wreath, Berry Twig Wreath, Snowflake Wreath, Snowflake Wreath Hanger, Christmas Home Décor, Christmas Decorations, Winter Decorations
Winter Snowflakes Berry Twig Wreath

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Winter Decorations,Wreath Hanger,Wreath Holder,Snowflake Wreath Hanger,Wreath Tealight Holder,Christmas Decorations,Affordable Country Decor,Affordable Christmas Home Decor
Snowflake Wreath Hanger with Tealight
$8.99 $6.99

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Scented fixins,Crows Fixins,Pumpkin Pie Scented Fixins,Crows in the corn fixins,Bowl Filler,Country Primitive Décor,Fall Decorations,Primitive Fall
Crows in the Corn Pumpkin Spice Scented Fixins
$11.99 $10.99

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Frosty Top Hat, Snowman Top Hat, Winter Decoration, Christmas Decoration, Christmas Centerpiece, Christmas Table Decoration, Winter Table Decoration, Frosty The Snowman Song, Snowmen Decorations, Snowman Decorations
Frosty the Snowman Top Hat Table Decoration

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Pumpkins, Pumpkin Set, Handmade Pumpkins, Homemade Pumpkins,
Handmade Fabric Pumpkins - Pumpkin Set
$44.00 $39.00

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Mason Jar lid, Hanging Lid, Mason Jar hanging Lid, Colonial Tin Works
Mason Jar Hanging Lid with Star Cut Out

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Country Bathroom Decorations, Country Bathrooms, Towel Ring, Towel Bar, Bathroom Hook, Tub Towel Ring, Old Fashioned Tub, Country Bathroom Hardware
Bath Tub - Towel or Robe Double Hook

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Bathroom Décor, Chicken Wire Basket, Primitive Bathroom Décor, Primitive Bathroom Decorations, Country Bathroom Décor, Country Bathroom Decorations, CTW Products, Colonial Tin Works
Chicken Wire Basket Votive Holder or Toothbrush Holder

6.25" Americana Flag Plate-Scented Room Spray,Home Mist,Room Spray,Cinnamon Spice,Country Scents,Country Primitives,Country Home Decor,Homestead Room Spray,Primitive Gathering Room Spray,Pumpkin Pie Spray
Scented Home Mist / Room Spray/ Potpourri Refresher

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