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Stars Home Decor

Stars Home Decor 

Different stars to fill your country or primitive home with.
Star Twig Wreath, Star Lights, Barn Stars, Twig Stars!

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Candle - Pillar - Grubby, Tan with Black Star, Apple Spice-Candle, Pillar Candle, Grubby Candle, Black Star Candle, Apple Spice Scented Candle, Scented Candle, Carved Star Candle
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Candle - Pillar - Grubby, Tan with Black Star, Apple Spice

Pillar Candle with a carved out black star in the center. This is an apple spice scented candle that measures 3" wide by 4" tall.

2 in stock

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6" Fall Hanging Barn Star Pumpkins & Bittersweet-Fall Décor, Fall Decorations, Fall Barn Star, Fall Home Décor, Barn Star Ornament, Hanging Barn Star, Pumpkins, Bitterweet
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6" Fall Hanging Barn Star Pumpkins & Bittersweet

Here we have a 6" (not including the wire hanger) Fall Barn Star.

It black and decorated with pumpkins and a tangle vine of bittersweet.

4 in stock

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2" wide Hand Stamped Star Burlap Ribbon-Star burlap ribbon, Burlap Ribbon, Country Crafts, Crafting, Country Primitive Crafts
2" wide Hand Stamped Star Burlap Ribbon

You will get a 3 yards of 2" wide burlap ribbon that has been stamped with black stars.

2 in stock

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Wreath - Black Barn Star Twig Berry Wreath-Wreath, Twig Wreath, Berry Wreath, Berry Twig Wreath, Wreath, Country Wreath, Primitive Wreath, Primitive Wreaths
Click for Detail
Wreath - Black Barn Star Twig Berry Wreath

We have filled one of our 18" twig wreath with black, beige, and off white berries and rusty stars and then added a black barn star to the center.

A perfect wreath for any country or primitive home.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
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Hanging Black Star-Hanging Star, Black Star, Star Wall Decoration, Stars Home Décor, Star Décor, Star Decoration
Click for Detail
Hanging Black Star

New black star with wire hanger.

Here we have a wooden black star with a wire hanger that measures 6.5" across by 8.5 (including hanger)

3 in stock

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Berry Tobacco Lath Star-Berry Star, Lath Star, tobacco Lath Star, Twig Star, Primitive Star, Wall Star, Barn Star, Wall Decorations, Country Primitive, Country Primitive Decor
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Berry Tobacco Lath Star

Here we have a wooden tobacco lath star that measures 18" across and has burgundy and off white berries and a burgundy star in the center.

2 in stock

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Americana Red White & Blue Metal Wall Star-Americana Decorations, Wall Star, Metal Star, Red White Blue Star, Americana Star, Patriotic Star, Patriotic Decorations
Americana Red White & Blue Metal Wall Star


This is a heavy metal star done in red, white, and blue. It measures 12" across.

2 in stock

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12" Plain Oblong Twig Star-Twig Star, Twig Stars, Star, Wall Deco, Wall Decorations, Country Primitive Home Décor, Country Primitives
Click for Detail
12" Plain Oblong Twig Star

We now sell our 12" twig star undecorated. Get one while they last!

2 in stock

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4" Black Tin Star Taper Candle Holder-Taper Candle holder, Star Candle Holder, Star Taper Candle Holder, Tin Star, Country Star, Country Primitive Home Decor
Click for Detail
4" Black Tin Star Taper Candle Holder

New 4" tin star to hold your favorite battery operated candle. (click on photo for true view)

15 in stock

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Electric Star Lamp Light - Country Lighting-Electric Star Light, Star Lamp, Electric Star Lamp, Country Lighting, Country Lamps
Click for Detail
Electric Star Lamp Light - Country Lighting
New Electric Light - A burgundy star sits on a black base.
Made of tin and measures 10 1/4" across by 15" tall and it comes with a 7 watt bulb. (click on picture for true view)
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
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Large Scented Silicone Star Light bulb-Scented, Silicon Star Light bulb, Lighting, Bulbs, Country primitive decor
Click for Detail
Large Scented Silicone Star Light bulb

 Back In Stock

This is our 3" star silicone light bulb it gives off a soft scent of butterscotch. Sure to warm up any room!

3 in stock

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Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Star Crock Mug,Tea light Holder,
tealight holder,country home decor,Star Crock,Primitive Decor,Star Tealight Holder,Pottery Tealight Holder
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Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder

This Star Crock Mug is 4" tall by 5" wide and has a star cut out to let the light from the tea light shine through.

8 in stock

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Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Fall Plate, Fall Burlap Banner, Fall Banner Plate, Decorative plates, Decorative Fall Plate, Autumn Plate, Hearthside Collection, Banner Plates
Fall Burlap Banner Decorative Plates
$14.90 $12.90

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Pumpkins, Gourds, Primitive Fall Décor, Primitive Fall Decorations, Jack-o-lanterns, Halloween Décor, Halloween Decorations, Handmade Halloween Décor, Handmade Fall Decorations, Burlap Pumpkin, Primitive Pumpkins, Handmade Pumpkins, Handmade Gourds
Primitive Fall Pumpkin Patch Pumpkins & Gourds
$12.99 $5.99-$11.99

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Pumpkins, Pumpkin Set, Handmade Pumpkins, Homemade Pumpkins,
Handmade Fabric Pumpkins - Pumpkin Set
$44.00 $42.00

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Mason Jar lid, Hanging Lid, Mason Jar hanging Lid, Colonial Tin Works
Mason Jar Hanging Lid with Star Cut Out

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Candy Corn Shelf Sitters, Candycorn Decorations, Halloween Décor, Candy Corn Bowl Filler, Candy Corns, Primitive Candy Corn
Candy Corn Shelf Sitters

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Autumn Welcome Boxes,Stacking Boxes,Fall Stacking Boxes,Nesting Boxes,Autumn Stacking Boxes,Pumpkins,Bittersweet
Large Set - Autumn Welcome Fall Pumpkins Stacking Boxes
$32.95 $28.95

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Mice, Fall Decoration, Fall Décor, Autumn Decorations, Mouse Decoration, Mouse Doll, Stuffed Mouse
Sweet Togetherness Mice Fall Decoration
$14.95 $12.95

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Witch Face Light Bulb, Silicone Witch Bulb, Lighting, Light Bulbs, Shaped Light Bulbs, Halloween Light Bulbs
Silicone Wicked Witch Light Bulb
$11.90 $9.90

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Burlap Flower, Burlap Daisy, Burlap Daises, Fall Décor, Fall Decorations, Country Primitive Fall
Burlap Daisy - Yellow or Orange Daises

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Decorated Clothespins, Kitchen Decorations, Patriotic Bowl Fillers, Clothespins bowl Filler, Laundry Room Decorations, Primitive Home Décor, Laundry Décor, Kitchen Décor, Country Home Décor, Country Decorations, Vintage Clothespins, Embellished Clothespins, Make-Dos, Country Primitive Home Décor, Americana Décor, Country Kitchen Décor, Country Kitchen Decorations
Vintage Clothespins Bowl Filler Kitchen Decorations

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Parish Chic, Paris Theme Home Décor, Paris Decorations, Paris Jar, Paris themed Jar, Cottage Chic, Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic Decorations, Cottage Primitives
Paris Chic Embellished Large Jar

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Country Bathroom Decorations, Country Bathrooms, Towel Ring, Towel Bar, Bathroom Hook, Tub Towel Ring, Old Fashioned Tub, Country Bathroom Hardware
Bath Tub - Towel or Robe Double Hook

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Bowl Filler,country primitive decor, primitive fall bowl filler,lantern pods
Bowl Filler Lantern Pods Multi Colored
$6.99 $4.99

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Scented fixins,Crows Fixins,Pumpkin Pie Scented Fixins,Crows in the corn fixins,Bowl Filler,Country Primitive Décor,Fall Decorations,Primitive Fall
Crows in the Corn Pumpkin Spice Scented Fixins
$11.99 $10.99

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Bathroom Décor, Chicken Wire Basket, Primitive Bathroom Décor, Primitive Bathroom Decorations, Country Bathroom Décor, Country Bathroom Decorations, CTW Products, Colonial Tin Works
Chicken Wire Basket Votive Holder or Toothbrush Holder

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Primitive Cabinet,Primitive Cabinet,Country Primitive Home Decor,Home Goods,Primitive Shelf,Country Shelf,Wooden Cabinet,Wood Cabinet,Primitive Wood Cabinet,Cupboard,Primitive Cupboard
Primitive Wood Cabinet with Shelves

Star Crock Mug Tealight Holder-Scented Room Spray,Home Mist,Room Spray,Cinnamon Spice,Country Scents,Country Primitives,Country Home Decor,Homestead Room Spray,Primitive Gathering Room Spray,Pumpkin Pie Spray
Scented Home Mist / Room Spray/ Potpourri Refresher

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